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At the core of Babs' essence is the burning desire to help organizations innovate, compete with an edge and perform optimally, and to create an environment where people flourish and find meaning in life. Babs works with small and medium size businesses across North America, Europe, Middles East Asia and Africa in the following domains;


  • Business strategy and innovation

Babs works with clients to find better ways to achieve critical business objectives. He serves as an invaluable partner by leading change and re-engineering business models. This is achieved through revamping processes, improving productivity and efficiency, developing and taking new products to market, and planning and launching new ventures. Babs works with clients to identify and formulate optimal strategies for achieving their objectives.

  • Brand development 

Babs helps develop and execute brand strategy and brand development initiatives, revamp tired brands, integrate branding initiatives across portfolios and territories, align business strategy with brand strategy, facilitate acculturation programs, and manage strategic brand communications.

Business Meeting
  • Market Intelligence

Babs designs and executes expert marketing research. He provides more than marketing information: he facilitates and works with clients to clarify and illuminate market opportunities and options in the decision-making process. By carefully studying and analyzing trends, consumer behavior, competitor positions, and other important market dynamics, Babs is able to extract important insights and deliver actionable recommendations to help business leaders take action with confidence.

  • Brand analytics

Babs possesses deep domain expertise in brand research and analytics that includes brand audits and health checks, brand perception studies, brand equity research, brand opportunity modeling to uncover gaps, proposition testing, and brand valuation. His goal is to provide clients with the insights they need to accurately and competitively position their brands, discover the drivers of brand equity and take advantage of opportunities. 

Three ways to engage Babs for consulting services:

1. Retainer Consulting 

2. Project Consulting

3. Outsourcing 


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