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Are You Ready To Find Your Edge?


True fulfillment resides in purpose

Life purpose calls us forth. It may be a calling we answer, something larger than our small selves, that deeply connects us with others, with what is larger than ourselves. We recognize it when we see it. Perhaps the greatest benefit of knowing your life purpose comes when you use it as a guide to make choices and decisions that lead to greater, more authentic happiness and fulfillment


Large Groups

Typical sizes are anywhere between 100 and 300 attendees. The topics are broad-based and are typically one-way; I pour into them and they soak in the content.

Intimate Sessions

Much smaller, intimate sessions, the goal here is to allow two-way communications between the attendees and the speaker. This is where the bulk of my work gets done. Typical sizes are 10 - 30 attendees. 


Are you ready to find your Edge? Want to work with Babs to help elevate your business, your charitable organization or your own person? Book Babs today!

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